Owner FAQS

  • Can I view my account online?

    Yes, we have an owner portal that is available to you 24/7 . Online access online includes monthly statements, inspection reports, invoice copies, and agreements signed.
  • Can I reach you after hours?

    Absolutely. Valiant recognizes that property management is not a typical 9 to 5 business. As such we make sure accessibility and communication are our top priorities. All of our owners & tenants have access to the company 24/7.
  • What type of reports are available to me?

    You have access to your monthly financial statements, maintenance reports, inspection reports, 1099 for tax return, and end of the year report in your owner portal. If you prefer statements emailed to you or have a financial question either you property manager or accounting can be of assistance. Accounting can be reached at
  • How do you keep maintenance cost under control?

    We have a list of licensed & insured companies that we have used for many years including electricians, plumbers, general contractors, handymen and a list of specialized vendors that are qualified to handle any issue that may arise at the home. We do not mark up anything and neither do our vendors so you receive the best work at the best price, if any issues occur. Our vendors provide us savings and we can pass those along to our owners as well.
  • Will the tenants take good care of my home?

    There is always a risk that a tenant will not treat your home as well as you would. We have systems, including inspections & drive bys, to make sure we are keeping an eye on the property’s condition. Damage past normal wear & tear are not typical.
  • Do I need to take care of the lawn?

    Tenants typically handle all lawn care and maintenance. Depending on the situation though we may advise it be included with rent. As lawn repair/ replacement are some of the most avoidable expenses having more involvement with it may prove beneficial. Another considerable option would be maintaining an exterior fertilizing/ pest service for the lawn.
  • Will you use my preferred vendors ?

    We will make every effort to use your preferred vendors. Because we need to ensure our vendors are licensed and properly insured, they will be required to complete our vendor packet.
  • Can I Use A Home Warranty?

    Yes. We will work with your home warranty company, but they will most likely need your involvement when a request is made. Most home warranty companies prefer the owner be involved.

    A warranty company could extend the time it takes for a repair to be completed which can lead to a bad tenant experience. We have seen over the years when tenants that have to wait longer for repairs they are more likely not to renew their lease. We are very quick to respond to maintenance calls as a company. When a tenant moves out it means more costs to you like tenant placement.
  • Will you pay my monthly bills for me?

    Yes, we can pay various monthly, quarterly & annual bills. As long as we have the correct information to make the payments we absolutely will. We cannot however pay HOA, taxes, or insurances on an Owner's behalf.
  • Tell me about inspections.

    Our job is to make sure that you get the best service possible for the most reasonable price. You pay a fee for us to be there when the phone rings and know how best to handle the issues at hand. Valiant coordinates all efforts to make sure your investment performs well, however we are not the vendor that does repairs on your home. As an example; we do not do plumbing, so we hire the best plumber we can find at a reasonable price. And we do the same for inspections. The price for each inspection is $ 150.00 per report and we recommend at least one every six months/biannually. The tenant pays for the move in report and, if necessary, the move out report. Should you choose to have them more often, we can certainly make that change to your account. All inspections will be uploaded and available to access any time in your owner portal.

    These inspections provide greater protection for both the brokerage and the owner.

    Here's a few reasons why:

    • Both the owner and the property manager are considered biased sources of information by many judges and juries. So when a dispute is brought to court by a tenant over a security deposit deduction or damage charge that they incurred, an inspection conducted by the landlord or property manager is regarded with suspicious. This is true even when photo or video evidence is provided, in some cases. By having a third party inspection vendor conduct the inspection, the credibility of the inspection is much improved in the eyes of a court.
    • Tenants are much less likely to challenge the findings of a third party inspector. They understand intuitively that they have a much harder burden of proof in this circumstance.
    • The inspection vendor carries smoke detectors, batteries, HVAC filters, and other supplies in their truck to be able to make sure these items are installed and current at your home during the inspection.
    • The level of detail delivered on the report far exceeds anything that we could provide without their expertise, equipment, and inspection software.

    Some items addressed at each inspection:

    A/C filter check and size documentation

    Property Code (ie. Door locks, door viewers, smoke alarms)

    Smoke Alarm Testing

    Insurance Risks (Trampoline, baby pool, etc)

    Unauthorized Pets

    Illegal Activity

    Deferred Maintenance Issues

    The report consists of:

    3rd Party Unbiased Documentation

    80-120 photos with comments about the home

    25-50 pages of documentation

    PDF Format

  • Do I have to continue to have homeowners insurance or will the tenant be responsible for insurance?

    Yes, you should maintain a landlord policy on the property. Contact your insurance agent and let them know you're renting the house and make sure you are protected. Tenants will have Renter's insurance.
  • Does Valiant carry insurance?

    Yes, we carry insurance.
    • General Liability. This covers claims involving bodily injury and property damage resulting from the property manager's operations.
    • Errors and Omissions. This covers claims involving mistakes in your property manager's professional services, and is common coverage for those involved in real estate transactions. .
  • Why should I add my property management company as “Additional Insured" to my Landlord Insurance Policy?

    First and foremost, this is a very common request in the industry and is usually at very little to no cost to you. Contact your insurance provider for details.

    One of the major benefits to using a property manager is to help reduce a landlord's risk of owning a rental property. To maximize this benefit and to further reduce a landlord's risk of liability, landlords should add their property manager as "Additional Insured" to their insurance policy.

    In the event of a claim such as personal injury, the property manager and the owner are often the target. However, most reputable property managers include an indemnification and hold harmless clause as part of their management agreement. In the worst of cases, in the event major litigation takes place, having the property manager listed as “Additional Insured” creates a unified defense, with one insurance company defending both parties, streamlining the defense and significantly reducing legal expenses for all parties, for which the owner is ultimately responsible.

    Most reputable property management companies carry general liability and errors and omissions insurance which offers protection against mistakes or wrongful acts made by the management company. However, these policies do not provide protection against matters involving the property itself, which leaves the manager exposed to claims of personal injury related to fire, leaks, burglary, etc. Without an Additional Insured endorsement, the management company would be required to defend itself, and then seek reimbursement from the owner, which is ultimately more costly for all parties involved.

  • How much notice does a resident have to give before they can properly vacate a property?

    Our lease provides that tenants give a minimum 45 day written notice that they will be leaving the unit. If a lease is broken, then that tenant will be responsible for paying the rent on that unit until the broken lease has ended, pay an early termination fee or the unit is re-rented. Valiant reaches out to the tenants 60 to 75 days from lease expiration.
  • Chapter 83, Landlord Tenant Law