Animal Application and Process

If your pet is of non-aggressive breed, we may have a property that might work for you!

We are pleased to work with any qualified applicant that has a mature, well behaved, non-aggressive breed dog. Most of our properties are pet friendly and this information will be listed in the ad for each house. These terms are largely based on the comfort level of the property owner and the restrictions they decide for a pet to be considered. Some smaller properties are suitable for residents with a cat, while other properties may not allow cats due to allergy issues of the property owner. Pets under one years of age will not be considered and breeding of any pets is not allowed on our properties.

Sadly, we are unable to rent to breeds that are commonly labeled as "aggressive" by the insurance companies. We cannot rent to mixes of these breeds. If you have a mixed breed dog, and not sure what the cross is, but he/she really looks like a pit bull, we will err on the side of caution and deny the pet.

There is a one time Pet screening charge of $ 20.00 per pet and please be prepared to submit a photo with your application. Non-qualifying pets may result in denial of rental application.

Breeds Considered Aggressive

Here is a list of breeds that are considered aggressive by major insurance companies.

While we understand that your pet may be sweet and gentle, neither Valiant Realty & Management LLC. nor our clients are willing or able to take a risk renting to an animal that is considered a statistical liability.

Consideration to Approve

The overall strength of your qualifications weighs heavily on the consideration to approve your pet, as does the age, weight and breed of the pet. We collect a minimum of $300.00 per pet as a non refundable pet fee.

Service Animals

We always accept service animals with proper documentation. Service animals are not subject to additional deposit, pet acceptance fee, or pet inspection fee. Once your application is approved we will provide the request for reasonable accommodation request and verification of disability and need.